Fear Unleashed

We are seeing more and more scary things happening today. It is easy to not trust people in authority and worry about what could come tomorrow. It feels like a wave of fear has been unleashed over our towns and cities that sweeps through or homes, schools and government. There are some that just appear to know that everything is going to be alright. We want that peace and wisdom. We want to know that no matter the intensity we are strong. We can count on something. People need to find value in what you say. Your words reflect your values so lets become a perfect reflection of character. Do what you say and be positive. Keep your word to others and speak truth with integrity to your children. Everything is going to be alright….You can come out now.

DON’T be afraid. You can come out now!

Keep it Simple-Pamela Thomas, Directors

We have been stuck in houses. We have had our faces draped. We have been worried about friends and relatives and some of us have had to grieve over deaths of loved ones due to Covid. Some of us have lost faith in the government wondering if elections are fair and it has bled over to the court systems in our communities. We have learned that if you just wait long enough the truth is always found out but we are so tired of waiting and are a little concerned about what truth is. There are some truths that you know. Your child’s eyes, the way they laugh and the smiles that they make when you play with them, intensely focusing on them and being present. So, if you are visiting, keep it simple. Capture those images in your mind and remember the memory. So, next visit keep it simple. Rake a pile of leaves and jump in!

The Court May Need To Offer PTSD Counseling.

Some days I look at what has happened to the families we serve in the court system and wonder where they get their strength.  Many that serve them never consider what it is like to go to bed not really being sure if your child is taken care of or where they will be the following day.

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The oficers of the court surmise that they have made the best decision after spending 1 perhaps 2 hours with the family. That decision sometimes is dollar driven. We have spent 25, 60,110 hours with the family.  After intensely observing a family, you begin to feel the families “pulse”. You know what they believe in, if they are repentent, their definition of love, and their ability to afford what the court has ordered. Too involved…some say.  I say it is a search for the strength of a family.

Sometimes the financial burden and the grief of loss is too much to bear. In my history 6 clients have committed suicide due to a custody evaluators report.  I sometimes wonder if anyone serving in this field could withstand such intense scrutiny.

During my time at Starr Commonwealth Home for Boys, Floyd Starr had a motto “There is no such thing as a bad boy”.  We were encouraged to find strength in each boy and and use that strength to acheive success.  What if we found the strength in broken families and not the weakness and used that to find success instead of punishment?

About….Middle Schoolers

By: Pamela Thomas, Director

When we do a supervised visit with a middle schooler we are able to see a big difference from an elementary school student. A new world awaits a middle schooler. Most generally the schools are larger and being popular or finding your tribe is the most important thing. Academics take on a different roll as for the first time middle schoolers learn the importance of testing and why making good grades are important. Those that cant do it become angry and rebellious sometimes self medicating. One principal stated to me that middle school is where you practice being acceptable so that you can be accepted somewhere. The where is not the important factor-the acceptance is. Middle schoolers want to fit in and be part of a group. Often, trouble and high conflict in a family is a source of embarrassment in this age group. Peers seem to have a heightened sense of awareness and social media keeps the gossip and stories moving. So here are some things that may help with high conflict cases:

1. Don’t act out in public when you are with your middle schooler. That includes rolling your eyes or whispering to your new significant other about your ex in front of your child-ever. Most especially at a school or other community events with the other party present. Your middle schooler has not developed the skill set to handle both their peers and you acting out in the same room.

2. Middle schoolers have a heightened sense of justice. They think everything should be fair and make an attempt to even out the playing field. Your middle schooler may all of the sudden state that he/she wants equal time with the other parent. There may be cries that ‘you are not being fair” or the teacher was not fair. Everything must be weighed and balanced for fairness.

3. Don’t talk badly about your ex on social media. Guess who else is on social media? There are always people who take great pride in telegraphing your bad news to others. That could also be another mom whose child is your child’s friend. Interesting how much more adept your middle schooler is than you in gathering info (all kinds of info) on the internet. Be discreet.

4. Get help if you need it. Remember that part of your job as a parent of a middle schooler is to guide your child. A guide is NOT a self proclaimed traffic cop. Work hard to have camaraderie and respect for each other and listen to your child. Those fears, and anxious moments can be lessened if your middle schooler is certain that you are their advocate.

5. Finally, when you feel like you are losing everything in your family it is hard to loosen the hold on that middle school child. It is however, their chance to learn before they are an adult. Make yourself be a reasonable parent and let them learn the consequences of their behavior while you are there to help. Learn the art of reasoning with your middle schooler. If God, in Isaiah 1:18 states “Come let us reason together” and invites man to reason with him, maybe, just maybe your invitation to reason with your middle schooler is the first step to a dynamic and long lasting relationship.


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